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We go beyond just credit reports to monitor Bankings System Fraud Alerts for you.

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We go beyond just credit reports to monitor Bankings System Fraud alerts for you.

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Repair your credit. Regain your confidence.

Join over one million people who have used Lexington Law to repair their credit.

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Our experienced attorneys and paralegals are trained in consumer protection laws, helping you resolve items on your credit report in the fastest and most effective way possible.

Get on the right track.

Every credit situation is unique—that’s why we’ve created Focus Tracks, a personalized solution that targets one of five main areas: medical expenses, student loans, military service, divorce, and identity theft.

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Keep track of changes and updates on your credit reports—any time, anywhere with 24/7 credit monitoring, alerts, and expert advice, so you know exactly what’s impacting your credit, and how.

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"I’m very grateful to Lexington Law and I’m very proud of the growth that I’ve experienced along the way. In a way, Lexington Law has pushed me to become more responsible.“

-Lisa, Lexington Law Member
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