Be on Alert for Telephone and Email Scams Spreading Across the Nation.

A rising number of telephone and email scams are occurring throughout the nation. Some of these scammers may claim to be Lexington Law Firm.

Lexington is working with law enforcement to stop these scammers from fraudulently using Lexington’s name.


Scammers may:

  • Alter caller ID displays or participate in caller ID “spoofing;”
  • Make “cold calls;”
  • Threaten, intimidate, or bully a person into purchasing a service;
  • Attempt to immediately collect a debt on behalf of another party (Lexington is not a Debt Collection Law Firm and does not threaten to sue its clients to collect debts;)
  • Use vulgar language while on the phone.

If you believe someone impersonating Lexington Law Firm has contacted you, please send a detailed email, including the fraudulent caller’s telephone number and any identifying information, to*

Lexington Law has become the trusted leader in credit repair by holding ourselves to the highest standards, and by complying with state/federal law and regulatory standards. We also demand that the publishers advertising on behalf of our services maintain the same high level of standards.

If you have been the victim of identity theft, please know that you can have a consultation with one of our credit consultants at no cost to you. We would love to explain how our service works and see if we have a service level that would be a good fit for you.

*Email address is solely for the purpose specified.

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