Why Lexington Law Firm?

We are the leading firm in credit repair.

Our firm began its consumer law practice in the early 1990s when it redefined a fledgling credit repair industry by fusing strict regulatory compliance with innovative credit repair solutions. Today, Lexington Law continues to be a driving force helping clients take action on their credit, and remains the trusted leader in credit report repair.

The Trusted Leaders

Lexington Law offers quality services with a long commitment to credit correction research and development, drawing on its 20+ years of experience assisting over 1/2 million clients in their credit repair efforts.

The FTC & Credit Repair Fraud

Credit repair is legal, but some companies are not. Lexington Law provides the following fraud detection guidelines to help you steer clear of illegitimate credit repair companies.

A Brief History of Lexington Law

Founded in 1991, Lexington Law was formed to help consumers take on their questionable credit legally and affordably. Lexington has since redefined the credit repair industry.

Firm Profiles

Meet the Lexington Law legal team through pictures, biographies, and candid interviews with attorneys.

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Innovative Services

Since its inception in 1991, Lexington has led the charge to bring quality credit repair services to the average consumer.

Number of Clients Served

Lexington law firm has assisted more clients in their fight for fair credit than any other credit repair company or firm, by a large margin.

Number of Employees

Lexington Law employs more lawyers, paralegals and agents than any other credit repair company or firm.

Published Results

Lexington Law does not make empty promises or offer unlawful guarantees. We simply show that our services have consistently produced outstanding results for our clients, removal after removal, year after year.

Brick-and-Mortar Business

Lexington Law is a brick-and-mortar business, not an online credit repair shop.

Lexington is a Law Firm

Lexington Law is an actual consumer advocacy law firm. As such, our practice is bound by rules of ethics that require that we act with absolute integrity.

“My experience with the Lexington Law Firm has been wonderful from beginning to end and the results you achieved are remarkable. It is also noteworthy, that the fee I paid for such superior professional service must be one of the truly great bargains of all time. My warmest best wishes to you all.”

R.S., Lexington client*
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