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What makes Lexington Law trusted leaders in credit repair?

For over two decades, Lexington Law Firm has led the credit repair industry. Unmatched in credit repair knowledge, technology, and regulatory compliance, we stand alone at the top of the field.

See for yourself what sets Lexington Law apart:

What sets Lexington Law apart

Innovative Services

Since 1991, Lexington Law Firm has led the charge to bring ethical and effective credit repair services to consumers.

  • Brought credit repair to an online audience in 1995. (see Lexington's history)
  • Developed streamlined processes to reduce costs so lawyer-backed consumer services could be more affordable.
  • Revolutionized the credit repair process with patent-pending technology, reducing the need for huge amounts of paper and mailing procedures.
  • Pioneered legal strategies that increased the effectiveness of case outcomes and has led to improved individual results.(see client results)
  • Developed acclaimed credit score coaching programs, personalized to each client's circumstances. (see service levels)
Number of Clients Served:

Lexington Law Firm has assisted more clients in their fight for fair credit than any other credit repair company or firm.

  • In our 27 years of service, Lexington has helped hundreds of thousands of clients in their credit report repair efforts. ( see client testimonials)
  • Each client has a unique credit situation. Having addressed so many different types of cases, we have used this unparalleled opportunity to refine our services over time.
  • More clients put their trust in Lexington Law each year than any other credit repair firm or company.
Professional Staff:

Lexington Law employs lawyers, paralegals and additional staff in order to best serve our clients.

  • Lexington works with a network of 24 lawyers in 19 states. (see lawyers)
  • Staff members receive training in consumer advocacy, consumer protection law, and current issues in credit reporting. (see company)
Published Results:

Lexington Law services have consistently produced results for our clients.

  • Last year, our clients saw millions of negative items removed from their credit reports.** (see our results page) How we count removals
  • Lexington Law not only publishes the number of items removed each quarter, but every single revised listing is made available for public download (with personal information redacted).
  • Our outcomes are documented and result from ethical, legal credit repair strategies. (see warning on signs of unethical processes)
Lexington is a Law Firm:

Our consumer advocacy law practice is bound by rules of ethics that require absolute integrity.

  • Lexington maintains strict adherence to federal laws and state regulations that govern credit repair organizations. We do not advise our clients to pursue illegal credit repair methods or to dispute fair, accurate, or substantiated credit listings in bad faith.
  • Lexington Law strictly adheres to applicable state bar requirements for ethical legal practice.
  • Attorneys working with Lexington are located in 19 states across the country. (see our contact list for all Lexington offices)
  • Our clients are welcome to visit our main physical office in North Salt Lake, UT during regular business hours (M-F 6 am to 10 pm and Sat. 7 am to 5 pm MST) (Directions)
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Our clients saw 10,000,000 negative
items removed from their combined credit reports last year.

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