Month: June 2010

Should I use a Credit Repair Firm to Repair my Credit or Do It Myself?

John Heath - Directing Attorney for Lexington LawYears ago, my wife and I decided that in order to save some money I would do all of the construction work to complete our unfinished basement. In preparation for this work, I purchased a self help book on framing. I eagerly read the book and deemed myself prepared to frame my basement. With my trusty tape measure in hand, I measured and cut the two by fours and nailed them together with pride. After several hours of work, I began installing sections of framing throughout my basement. To my dismay, I found that some framed sections were too short, other sections were too tall. I had framed sections that were anything but straight. I even discovered the nails I used were not the correct nails for framing (a nail is a nail right?). Upon seeing my work, my wife immediately demanded that I hire a contractor to fix and then finish the job. I did just that, I hired an experienced contractor and now have straight walls in my finished basement.

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