Month: February 2011

5 Tips for Finding a Credit Solution

Those with a low credit score and/or errors on their credit report don’t have to sit idly by. There is a credit solution for those who want to help improve their credit, and these five tips may help you find it.

1. Review your credit report frequently
Errors in credit reports are not uncommon and can be damaging to your finances, especially if the error causes your credit score to go down. Many people with low credit scores are prevented from getting loans or are given loans with high interest rates.
Review your credit report frequently and look for errors. Whether it’s as small as an address error or as big as a bankruptcy listing that doesn’t belong to you, investigate or dispute the erroneous credit report listing as soon as you can.

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How Is My Credit Score Calculated?

Many people make resolutions to improve their credit. Unfortunately, good credit repair goes beyond just simple debt settlement, credit counseling, or paying off negative items. In that regard, Lexington Law is confronting exploitative creditors, abusive debt collectors, and erroneous credit reports so that new clients can make this year a much brighter year. While achieving these goals can be challenging, the potential upside is raising their credit score and paying far less in interest as a result.

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Your Right to Better Credit Reports

You’re certainly not the first person to think, “I want to clean my credit up, but I don’t know where to start.” Unless you enjoy perusing the pages of federal consumer laws in your spare time, you may be unsure of what resources are available to help repair your credit. Fortunately, the laws on the books are designed to protect consumers and will help you achieve your goals – whether those goals are to qualify for a house or new car or just avoid another credit card rejection.

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