Month: November 2011

Debt, Savings, and Credit Repair: Which Route to Choose

Achieving financial stability is a balancing act, and it is important to strike the ideal relationship between debt and savings. If approached correctly, the result is a well-maintained credit score with room for growth. However, mismanagement can result in catastrophic consequences. If you are unsure about when to spend and when to save, consider the components below. They can help fine-tune your credit repair efforts.

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Lexington Law’s 5 Credit Repair Focus Tracks

Credit repair can be a complicated process. When searching for legal advice, it is important to find an advocate with the expertise to cover all the bases. Here at Lexington Law, we are known for our thorough case management and personalized services. When you sign up to work with us, we do our best to provide help based upon your specific needs. One way we accomplish this is through the Case Valet. After logging in, you will see a variety of resources to help you on the path to credit repair, including Focus Tracks. These creditor interventions help you hone in on the most common—and often most damaging—life events:

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Inside Our Credit Repair Services

Choosing a credit repair advocate can be tricky. With all the options available and promises of second-to-none service, it’s difficult to know who to trust. If you are searching for credit repair services based on results, look no further. Lexington Law’s proven track record has helped over a half-million clients remove millions of negative items. Still not ready to sign up? Take a moment to review what is included when you engage the law firm.

Upon enrolling in the Concord Premier service level, we provide you the attention you deserve. In addition to receiving free phone and email contact with our attorneys and paralegals, we offer comprehensive online access as well. After registering and logging into the client website, you will have full access to all of the following features:

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Credit Fix for U.S. Service Members — What You Should Know

It is an undeniable fact: the men and women of the armed forces make huge sacrifices for our country. Last year, the number of service members in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard totaled 3 million—with 1.5 million on active duty and another 1.5 million in the Reserves. These people devote their time and risk their lives, but what else are they risking?

Many service members live with the notion that they may be called to active duty at any time. The threat of leaving current employment and family behind can be daunting for even the thriftiest household. Despite their admirable commitment, financial responsibilities can cause hesitation for even the most patriotic American. So, how does the U.S. government address these concerns?

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Five Easy Credit Repair Tips

Contrary to popular belief, credit repair is not always difficult and frustrating. While many see the process as long and confusing, there are many ways to clean up your credit in just a few minutes or hours. If you are looking to take control of your financial future, get started by using the tips below. Credit repair may be easier than you think.

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