Month: December 2011

New Year, New Credit: Five loans to Avoid in 2012

2012 is fast-approaching, and it’s time for resolutions. If your finances were less-than-stellar this year, credit repair should be at the top of your list. While debt reduction and money management are great ways to stay ahead of the curve, avoiding potential trouble is critical as well. For that reason, borrowing money is both the easiest and most daunting way to land yourself deeper in debt. If you do find yourself entering the New Year on a tight budget, reconsider applying for the following types of loans before signing on the dotted line. Their consequences could halt your credit repair resolutions before they’ve begun. Avoid:

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Five Ways to Focus on Credit Repair

Credit repair is an elusive animal to many, but there are plenty of ways anyone can help themselves improve. Start small by:

  1. Checking your credit report. Your credit report serves as a financial map. The right information can lead to credit approval, while the wrong information can place roadblocks in your path. Why settle for a lower credit score if you don’t have to? Talk to us about getting a free copy of your credit report to review. Verify the information you see, and make a list of any mistakes or unfair credit reporting you find. Good credit repair begins with collecting all the facts.
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New Credit, New Worries? How to Avoid Old Patterns

You’ve finally done it. After months or even years of reducing debt, staying in line with bill payments, and generally rebooting your financial life, you have finally been rewarded with a good credit score. The path to fix credit is never easy, but those who have been successful understand its value more than ever. While a freshly-polished score is certainly an accomplishment, do you have the skills and willpower to maintain it? Keep your future in check by avoiding the old patterns and potential pitfalls below. You owe it to yourself.

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Fix Credit with Good Habits: Three Tips

There are several ways to build better credit from scratch, but what if you are already in over your head? Bad credit is a fact of life for thousands of people. Every year, the same consumers forgo lower interest rates, better bargains, and even employment opportunities simply because their credit doesn’t measure up. If this sounds familiar, the time to fix credit mistakes is now. Begin by establishing the good habits below. Changing your everyday practices could lead to an easier lifestyle.

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Fix Credit Reporting Problems: Five Reasons to Contact Your Creditor

Improper credit reporting is not uncommon in the world of personal finance. System glitches, human error, unfair notations, and inaccurate filing are just a few of the ways your credit accounts can be thrown off track. When problem information threatens financial freedom, what’s the solution? Is it possible to fix credit reporting issues fast? There is no surefire answer, but contacting your creditor directly could be the best tactic. While you certainly have the right to contact the bureaus, a conversation with your creditor may yield even greater significant benefits, including:

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