Month: May 2012

Five Things We Don’t Have to Buy (But Still Do)

People waste money for different reasons. Sometimes it’s carelessness or forgetting the coupon book, and other times it’s as simple as not having the right information. Whatever your vice, saving your hard-earned cash is Step #1 on the path to credit repair. Saving means increasing your options related to debt reduction, creating an emergency account, and establishing borrowing power—all of which can affect your credit score. When credit repair is on the line, weeding out superfluous spending is critical. Start by considering the money wasted on the items below. These bottom lines are bound to add up quickly.

1. Processed or premade food.

Ah, the power of convenience. We’d rather spend $5.75 on premade stir fry than buy and prepare the ingredients ourselves. This kind of thinking is toxic where credit health is concerned. Not only is premade or processed food probably bad for you, but wasting the extra cash for the sake of “easy” is sure to make credit repair more difficult. Use your money where it counts. Pay down debt instead of hitting the drive-through window. Add to your savings account instead of dining out every week. Sacrificing convenience for the sake of financial security is never a mistake. Practice some self-sufficiency and avoid the “easy” factor. Learning to save may help you acquire new skills along the way.

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An Inside Look At Lexington Law Firm


Credit is everything. It’s involved with employment your housing, cars, everything. If you do not have a good credit score then there’s a lot of things that you miss out on.

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Top Three Financial Mistakes

The need for credit repair rarely arises overnight. A poor credit score usually results from months or even years of repeated mistakes. Don’t waste time by placing yourself into a difficult situation. The best credit repair strategies begin with prevention. Avoid the blunder below to keep your credit score in fighting condition. That three-digit number is more powerful than you think.

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Childcare or Credit Repair: Where is Your Money Going?

Supporting your family is more than putting food on the table. For working parents, the cost of childcare can be a devastating expense in an otherwise frugal budget. According to, the average household spends between 7.3 and 16.0% of their income on daycare costs depending on location. A family living in Chicago is likely to pay upwards of $18,000 per year for one child. That’s $90,000 invested before Junior enrolls in kindergarten.

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Bad Health, Bad Credit? Lifestyle Choices and Financial Consequences

Poor health choices can affect more than your blood pressure. Wasting money on unhealthy habits can take a toll on your annual budget. Less money equals fewer options when it comes to credit repair. Do your body and your wallet a service by kicking these habits and redistributing the wealth. A little change could make a big difference.

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