Month: September 2013

Credit Repair Lessons Learned from College

 The average college student is not a financial guru; yet, there are many aspects of college living that teach valuable lessons about financial planning. Credit repair is best achieved as a dynamic lifestyle choice: keeping debts low, reducing credit dependency, saving and paying bills on time. Take a look at the lessons to be learned from the average college experience. Although a coed isn’t likely to wax poetic on the topic of credit repair, the way most live can help you with your own efforts.

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Credit Repair and Savings: Three Times to Invest

Saving can be tough, especially when you’re worried about sticking to a strict budget. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye out for opportune moments to present themselves. Keep the following saving times in mind. A lucky break could yield bigger payoffs with the right strategy.

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Going Broke? Five Things You Should Never Do

It’s never good news when money is tight. Maybe you recently lost your job. Maybe you can’t keep up with the cost of living. Maybe you had a medical emergency and the bills are draining your savings. There are countless reasons why the average person could face money troubles, but there are a few tried-and-true principles to employ during these rough situations. If you’re going broke, keep the following don’ts in mind. They will help you avoid compounding pressure and the need for credit repair.

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Are Your Friends Ruining Your Finances?

We love to spend. Our society is filled with constant stimulation. Whether it’s a $20 movie ticket or a $2,000 weekend in New York City, there’s always something to do that costs money. Striking a balance between spending and saving is crucial during credit repair. Debt reduction is often the first priority, and you can’t tackle your bills without trimming the fat in your budget.

When it comes to cutting back on spending, it’s important to consider the role of peer pressure in your decisions. While your friends may provide you with camaraderie and support, their influence could also prevent you from achieving effective credit repair. Good friends will help you with your goals. “Bad” or enabling friends will hinder you, especially when they don’t:

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Credit Repair and Spending: When to Splurge

A valuable credit repair lesson presented itself from an unlikely source: electric cars. Tesla (TSLA) confounded Wall Street this week thanks to their Model S sedans. The stock price increased more than 13 percent, with a price of $153.00 per share on August 12. Tesla’s success is surprising in a still shaky economy, especially since their Model S price begins at $62,400. This begs the question, when is it okay to splurge? Credit repair may be a goal of yours, but it shouldn’t stand alone. Read on to learn when spending is the smarter option.

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