Month: June 2016

Three Reasons to Avoid Using Your Debit Card Online


Our high-tech world is full of buying options. Shopping online is an easy way to find almost anything you want with a few simple clicks. It’s difficult to predict the safest method of payment. While some prefer credit, others like the accountability of pulling funds directly from their bank accounts. I’ll just use my debit card, you say. There are plenty of sites that use secure servers.

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What Military Members Should Know About Credit


Many people know that bad credit can affect several areas of life — ability to obtain a loan, insurance, and employment. It is perhaps a lesser-known fact that bad credit can also be a factor in determining an individual’s eligibility to join the armed forces. Good credit is important for everybody, but it may be even more important for those who are serving our country. Military members should be aware of why good credit is important and should know how being in the military could affect their credit.

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7 Ways You’re Losing Money to Bad Credit


Credit health is full of irony. Although income isn’t a factor in credit scoring, mismanagement of funds often leads to score damage. If you think credit is just a three-digit number to be ignored, think again. A low score is likely costing you money every single day in the forms of:

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How to Save for Emergencies


Saving for emergencies can seem like an impossible goal. My budget is already tight, you say. How am I supposed to save money? This is a question asked by millions of consumers every day. The good news: it’s possible to prioritize savings without overhauling your life. A few small changes could help you establish a nest egg to protect you from unforeseen expenses that can cause credit damage. For example:

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7 Steps to Take When You Suspect Identity Theft

shutterstock_431388016Identity theft affects millions of consumers each year, many of whom don’t realize a problem exists until a bill arrives or their credit score suffers. Worse yet are those who have been scammed but the identity thief hasn’t acted. If you find yourself stuck in financial crime limbo, follow the steps below to minimize the damage before it occurs. The result could save you time, money and countless credit score points.

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