Month: November 2016

Bankruptcy: To File or Not to File


Disclaimer: As trusted leaders in credit repair, Lexington Law Firm is a consumer advocacy firm with a focus on helping consumers repair their credit. Lexington Law does not practice other specific areas of law, and any information provided on this blog is strictly for informational purposes. Please consult with an attorney in your state to determine what may be applicable to your individual situation.

Bankruptcy. A creditor detests it, until in need of its protection. A debtor avoids it, until it’s often too late. It is so easy to avoid planning for a bankruptcy until you are suddenly faced with that difficult choice due to your credit situation. For in bankruptcy, judgment day — in a strictly legal sense — may literally arrive ever so unpredictably as the result of a fleeting former lifestyle. To help you in your journey, this article will address some important factors to consider in determining whether or not bankruptcy would be applicable to you.

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Continuing to Improve Your Credit Score After Credit Repair


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When your credit scores are bogged down by inaccurate information, credit repair is a great way to clean up your report, and potentially improve your credit scores. If the mistaken accounts were the only blemishes on your credit history, you can now enjoy a happy financial future (assuming you continue down the right credit path, of course).

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How High Will Your Credit Card Interest Climb?


When you have a credit card, worrying about paying your monthly statements is only part of the equation. If you carry a balance, you’ll be faced with paying interest on top of the amount you’ve charged. But how much will they charge all depends.

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