FICO vs. FAKO Credit Scores – What’s the Difference?

More about credit scores: So as we talked about, before 2001 and some events in California, consumers couldn’t, even if they wanted to, find out what their real credit score was. Only the anointed few: lenders and other financial services companies could have a look. But real folks, like you and me, weren’t entitled to. That all changed. And today, selling credit scores, the REAL credit scores, principally the FICO score, not some of these free ones consumer advocates, like me, like to call FAKO scores, sorry, Fair Issac. The REAL FICO score is for sale and it’s a good thing to check. But it’s gonna cost you twenty dollars per bureau and there are three bureaus. So, I recommend that you check your credit score once a year. But just know that you’re going to be paying about sixty dollars for that privilege when you do.