How Divorce Impacts Your Credit

So half of America’s been divorced. We get to see that statistic too often in the newspapers and for half of us, we’ve gotten to see it in our lives. Unfortunately the pain doesn’t start or stop when the judge issues the divorce decree. So if you’ve ever been divorced, you know exactly what I’m talking about. The ripples from that flow out in every direction in so many parts of your life and frankly it’s almost crazy to talk about credit reports in this context although that’s what we’re here to talk about.

The pain involves children and involves relationships, it involves where you live and so many things but it certainly does impact your credit. And that in itself can be extremely painful. How sad that creditors don’t pay attention to divorce decrees. So for example, divorce decrees have the force of law. they’re adjudicated, they’re issued by a judge in a courtroom and the judge says this one belongs to you and this one belongs to your ex. This bill is yours and this bill is his. But what happens then, when your ex doesn’t make payments and it’s still on both of your credit reports. See this is where things can be accurate but incredibly unfair! What are you supposed to do? Pay your own bills and your exes too, just so that you can keep your head above water and maybe get a car so that you can have a job and support your kids?

This is obviously one of the most unfair things about our credit reporting system. Divorce is a huge issue and by the way there things that you can do about it. You can ask your creditors questions about that. You can hold them accountable. It’s a tough, tough job to do though and there are resources you can find on the internet, you can get professional help with that but it’s not easy.