Lexington Law Reviews — Be in Control of Your Credit Report

When somebody tells you that you are not a good person or that you’re not a person of character because of something that someone else has reported about you on your credit report that shuts all the doors. Nothing opens for you.

To be in control your credit report, however, is different because you’re able to do the things the American dream, buying a home, the purchase of the nice car. Those things were able to come to fruition because you’re in control.

We tried to purchase a home and I didn’t exactly know what was on my credit report and they gave me numbers that I didn’t understand. Apparently it was not all good and so I’d ordered these credit reports to see what it was they were talking about. And once I got them I sort of looked at them and I thought “oh my gosh what is this? There’s all these names on there.” Creditors names changed they get bought off and resold and switched over and thrown through the rinse.

By the time you get it’s a very, very complicated thing. And Lexington can explain it to you. They’re not there to judge you. Things happen in people’s lives, people get divorced people may not make the right choices, people fall behind, people get sick, people lose their jobs and they get a little hopeless.

What happens is you need to make a choice and I think they’re the right choice and a choice that’s easy because you don’t have to do all the work, you have to do some of it, but not all of it.

Call Lexington and once you look at your options and you realize that this is something that is a good thing, that you’re really happy once you do it. I remember at first, the first couple of months, I think I saw a few deletions and I was like, well that’s faster than it would’ve happened for me. But they started falling off. It’s like a great credit report diet!