Why Choose Credit Repair? Four Reasons

All right, you aren’t financially motivated. You’ve taken the “What’s Your Credit Repair Vice?” quiz and have deemed yourself bored with the process. Whether or not you care about saving a buck, credit repair equals more money in the bank, a truth that impacts more than your bottom line. Read on to learn the non-financial reasons to choose credit repair. What you discover will put you on the right path.

Bored with credit repair, eh? Before you give up, did you know it affects:

1. Self-esteem. There’s something to be said for self-sufficiency. Consider the following example

Craig is a 34 year-old department store manager. Although he is employed, Craig struggles to maintain a healthy budget, often overspending and neglecting his bills. When his car breaks down, he must ask his 66 year-old father to cosign a new auto loan because his credit score is too low. The salesman is surprised that a man in his mid-thirties still relies on his parents for financial help. For the first time, Craig begins to feel embarrassed by his past.

Confident people rely on themselves to make wise choices. If you aspire to success, begin with credit repair. Live a life of independence.

2. Security and health. Fear of the unknown can strain your bank account and your health. An Associated Press and AOL poll found that of people with financial problems:

  • 27 percent suffer from ulcers
  • 44 percent suffer from headaches or migraines
  • 23 percent suffer from depression
  • 65 percent suffer from muscle tension and lower back pain

These medical issues often lead to doctor visits, bills and additional health problems. Improve your quality of life by taking preventative measures now. Why suffer unnecessarily?

3. Options. No one likes hearing the word “No,” and with bad credit, you’re probably used to it by now:

Would you like to go on vacation with us?
You: No, sorry, I can’t afford it.
You: I’d like to apply for a home loan.
Unfortunately, your credit score is too low.

You: I applied for a job. Do you think I’m a good candidate?
Probably not. We ran your credit reports and let’s just say, we don’t think you’re management material.

Why paint yourself in a negative light? Expand your options by cleaning up your financial reputation.

4. A legacy. Most of us will never become millionaires, but that doesn’t mean we can’t leave the world a better place. Employee Benefit Research Institute reported that 22 percent of US credit card debt is held by people ages 75 or older. Why leave family and friends with a burden when you could leave a legacy? Think about the future when you consider credit repair. Do you want your kids to have an inheritance or a pile of bills? Do you want your home to stay in the family, or will your loved ones be forced to sell? Credit repair is more than a three-digit number; it represents the ability to maintain the important things in life. Think beyond yourself and turn your attention to long-term goals. Credit repair inclusion could make all the difference.