Lexington Law’s 5 Credit Repair Focus Tracks

Credit repair can be a complicated process. When searching for legal advice, it is important to find an advocate with the expertise to cover all the bases. Here at Lexington Law, we are known for our thorough case management and personalized services. When you sign up to work with us, we do our best to provide help based upon your specific needs. One way we accomplish this is through the Case Valet. After logging in, you will see a variety of resources to help you on the path to credit repair, including Focus Tracks. These creditor interventions help you hone in on the most common—and often most damaging—life events:


Picking up the emotional pieces can take years, but what about the financial ramifications? Severing marital ties can be expensive, both inside and outside the courtroom. If you and your ex shared joint accounts, bad credit could follow you into singlehood. We work to help you understand and enforce the new boundaries set forth in your divorce decree. We also offer education on how to regain your credit independence.

Student loan debt

Education is the key to a better life, right? In theory, yes. In reality, many new grads find themselves unprepared to face the financial burdens of life after college. In a lagging economy, loan repayment can prove more difficult for low-income workers. If your credit has suffered because of unfair credit reporting related to student loans, this track is for you.

Medical expenses.

Health-related debt is one of the leading causes of bankruptcy. An estimated 52 million Americans live without medical coverage, and many who are covered still struggle with rising costs. When an emergency arises, the price tag is usually sizable. Fortunately, federal law protects your privacy when it comes to reporting issues surrounding your health. Take this route to learn more about your rights and what health providers can (and cannot) report to credit bureaus.

Identity theft.

Credit damage is almost certain in cases of identity theft. Even if your accounts are closed and your money is refunded, the consequences could persist long after the initial crime. Take control of the situation by pursuing it further. Your credit report could be carrying inaccurate information.

Military service.

Millions of servicemen and women risk their lives and sacrifice their time to protect our freedoms. When it comes to finances, federal law makes sure they are covered during times of duty. Unfortunately, credit reporting may not always reflect these protections. Many lenders and retailers fail to honor the consumer protections afforded military members, forcing them to deal with bad credit. If your credit score has been afflicted by similar issues, help is here.

These Focus Tracks represent just a few of the avenues Lexington Law can help you explore. Mobilize your credit repair efforts by signing up today and taking advantage of what we offer.