Is Credit Repair Legitimate?

I love these letters from creditors most of all because they are a testament to the fact that legitimate credit repair has a place and exists and um, is the right thing to do. You know the world seems prejudiced against credit repair and I understand why. There have been many lesser players who have conducted their business unethically. Mostly by trying to use tricks of a calendar to get the credit bureaus to delete things as a result of a 30 day-timer or something. That’s not the best way to do credit repair as we’ve discussed.

The best way is to talk to the source, the data furnishers, the folks who are sending information to the credit bureaus. And as a result you end up with letters like this: “Account services Southwestern Bell Telephone Company we’ve sent instruction to Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion to remove all reference in your credit, all references, in your credit records regarding the debt. Please allow sufficient time for the credit bureaus to process and reflect this request.” That’s the kind of stuff that you see as a consumer pursuing credit Repair when you approach the matter ethically and when you leverage those federal consumer protection statutes that you’re entitled to leverage on your own behalf. And with lasting results!