Robert gets 50 removed: "judgments, charge-offs, collections, late payments…"

Transcript from the video

“My credit really turned sour after my divorce. I had been married for 8 and half years, We had two children. And at the end of my divorce, I was pretty despondent, and basically, made some wrong decision and let my bills go for several months. Had all major credit cards… I had just finished graduate school two months prior to our divorce – so I had a lot of student debt. And as a result, my credit was, really, just shot. I felt that there was no hope. Essentially, I found Lexington Law Firm… and I’ve had 50 deletions on my credit reports.

“I recently got my 50th. Everything from judgments, charge-offs, collections, late payments; the full gamut. Now granted, not everything is off there. But I’ll continue to work on that. It’s certainly 50 more than I would’ve had. I typically say, none of this would’ve happened through osmosis. Someone had to take the initiative, and I didn’t know the laws and the rules and how to go about this, and that’s where Lexington really stepped in and helped me out.

“I’m not saying I couldn’t [do it myself] but the research and knowing what the jargon to use in the letters. I think having the law firm behind you, an attorney representing you in terms of credit repair, is certainly beneficial – and the results speak for themselves.

“This is my case, on the Lexington Law website. I just wanted to kind of show people all the deletions I’ve had. These are all legitimate from when I started here as a client at Lexington Law. As you can see, I still have some work to do.

“Let’s look at some of the other reports as well. Here’s Equifax – same experience with Experian. Collections, charge-offs, multiple collections, actually. And then with TransUnion, I’ve been even more successful, or, Lexington Law has. Some of these, pretty serious things that were haunting, or inhibiting my ability to get credit, and to do what I needed to do.

“As a result of, kind of seeing the light come on, feeling more empowered as a result of getting better credit, making more positive choices in terms of lifestyle and decision-making (it’s the full package), I got full custody of my kids on June third of this year, after a protracted battle. And had I not, cleaned up my credit, that certainly played a role in that, in terms of being responsible and the ability to rent apartments, or go on vacations, or get a credit card, or just to have resources available, if need be. And have people trust me when they pull my credit report. A lot of the indiscretions I’ve had in the past have been removed – they’re gone. And they’re not able to make decision based on bad choices that I’ve made in the past. They can make decision on who I am today.

“This is “families are forever” in Chinese. Which is true; my children are the most important thing to me in my life, obviously. It’s been really great to get custody of them. They’re on vacation in California right now. I just returned from a 10-day vacation to California, and we’ll be leaving again Friday morning to pick them up and bring them back to school and whatnot. Yeah… families are forever.”