Five Spring Resolutions We Hope You Keep

We’re well into Spring, the season where so many well-intentioned New Year’s resolutions erode as quickly as the temperatures rise. Have “I will lose 10 pounds by March,” and “I will stop watching too much TV” become broken promises already? Unfortunately, although the point of a resolution is to evoke positive change, rarely is the end-goal achieved. This year, though, why not make a Spring resolution that could change your life? Credit repair has the potential to improve your credit score, lower your interest rates, and generally enhance overall financial freedom. Consider shaking Winter’s doldrums with these financial resolutions:

1. Spend less. Nearly a quarter of our annual income is spent on entertainment, shopping, and dining out. Think about your credit score next time you are standing at the cash register or perusing an overpriced dinner menu. If your spendthrift ways have led to trouble, then it’s time to make some changes.

2. Save more. How many times have you lamented, “If only I had more money!” Well, spending less often leads to saving more. An emergency fund is a vital part of protecting your financial freedom. Don’t live in fear of life’s everyday mishaps and unforeseen expenses. Build a savings account to avoid credit repair blunders.

3. Learn about credit repair. Speaking of credit repair, cultivating a well-formed education is the best way to assert your rights and understand the process. Review our blog posts from 2011 to learn about every aspect—from credit score factors to identity theft. All the info is waiting for you.

4. Avoid habits of “auld lang syne.” Habits can be “long forgotten” only if they aren’t repeated in the future. Make a list of your less-than-positive traits, and vow to change them. Are you prone to shopping sprees? Take on a new hobby that keeps your mind active and your bank account safe. Has credit card debt taken over your life? Create a payment plan and stick to it. Spring is a great time to start.

5. Stay motivated. The majority of resolutions are cast aside by now, but credit repair is too important to ignore. While it may be difficult to stay on top of your finances, an improved credit score is a worthwhile reward. If ever there was a time to stay true to your aspirations, the time is now. Credit repair is waiting for you, so why not usher it in? Keep this promise, and start fresh. A better future is around the corner.