Seven Credit Damage Excuses to Avoid

Let’s be honest: it’s easy to make excuses. You probably left your New Year’s resolutions in February and traded your fitness regime for fast food. If credit repair has become a casualty of habit, it’s time to change your ways. Don’t let the following excuses stand in your way. Read their rationalizations and absorb their solutions. Only you can make lasting changes.

  1. “I can’t afford to repair my credit.” Despite long-standing assumptions, credit health relies on money-management rather than money itself. Whether you earn $50,000 a year or $500,000, it’s possible to maintain excellent credit with the right tools. Review the habits of the 800 Clubto learn more. 
  2. “The electric company/department store/credit bureaus are out to get me.” The electric company turned your lights on, the department store gave you a credit account and the bureaus are reporting what your creditors tell them. It’s tempting to feel victimized when you’re facing late fees and collection calls, but your creditors aren’t trying to ruin your life. That said, some businesses are known for less-than-professional methods of debt collection. Don’t let overdue bills affect future credit repair. Learn how to handle your accountsto pave the way for a clean score. 
  3. “My credit score isn’t perfect, but I don’t need it right now anyway.” Sure, you’ve got a job, apartment, car, credit cards, etc., but what happens if things change? The “out of sight, out of mind” mentality is easy to adopt, but it won’t help you in case of an emergency. Life is full of surprises. Protect yourself by keeping your credit in good form. 
  4. “I can’t do anything about past mistakes. It is what it is.” False! You can do something about those negative accounts. Credit scoring is all about forecasting the future based on past behavior, and it’s up to you to present yourself in the best light. Disputes and debt validation are the best ways to challenge and repair long-forgotten problems. Do yourself a favor and choose action over complacency. 
  5. “My salary doesn’t support my lifestyle.” Sorry to rain on your already soaked parade, but your lifestyle should align with your salary—not the other way around. Stop chasing the Jonesesand learn to live within your means. 
  6. “Life events have led me to bad credit.” Of course they did, but that’s no reason to give up. Whether it was a medical emergency, divorceor lost job, unfortunate events are usually the cause of poor credit. Learning to move past the difficult times will help you recover and look toward a better future. Life goes on—don’t forget to bring your credit score along. 
  7. “I don’t know what I’m doing!” Who says you have to do credit repair alone? Our services are suited for every income level and every credit problem. You may be overwhelmed, but credit repair doesn’t need to consume your life. Take proactive steps to seek professional support.