Have We All Become Slaves to Credit Cards?

Somebody watching this uses credit cards just to get by. Money’s tight, everything’s too expensive and it’s tough. Lord knows we see our politicians in Washington fighting over what the minimum wage should be and from people who are making minimum wage well up the latter basically so much of the country and the entire middle class is struggling. Most of us are struggling to make it work.

And unfortunately so many these people, so many us, are using credit cards just to make that happen. It’s important to remember that it wasn’t too long ago that people didn’t do that. Back in those days, business people used the Diners Club for airline travel and restaurants and so forth. What’s happened is unfortunately we’ve all become slaves to credit cards. It’s important as you try to recover from your own bad credit situation that you begin to think about that and use those cards less. Try to pay them down because that will improve your credit score.