How Medical Bills Affect Your Credit Reports

There are two ways that medical bills can impact your credit reports.

The first is when something has been reported related to the medical situation itself, the second category is when say because of illness and how that impacted your finances you’ve, you know, gotten behind on other bills. The problem is this: even if you’ve been on time with your obligations for years and years and years, suddenly sickness strikes and that impacts your finances and then after you get well you’re fine again with your finances but guess what? There’s no forgiveness.

The creditors don’t forgive that. It stays. It stays on your credit reports. And consumer advocates like me think that’s unfair. Luckily, consumers are entitled to ask tough questions about these things and sometimes and even often creditors will respond when they’re approached in just the right way.

Sadly, consumers often don’t know just what the right way means and that’s where professional assistance can help.