Five Resolutions to Keep in 2014

2014 is around the corner and you’re probably thinking about New Year’s Resolutions. Although, the average person is likely to abandon their newfound purposes by February, we believe the upcoming year can be different for you. Consider the common resolutions below to learn how they relate to credit repair. Viewing them from a new perspective could give you the motivation you need to stay the course.

Resolution #1: Get healthy.

“I will exercise, quit smoking, eat better,” etc. Whatever your vice, it’s no secret that getting healthy is a common New Year’s resolution. Not only will better health improve your lifestyle, it could save your credit score as well. Nixing bad habits often means lower health insurance premiums, fewer trips to the doctor and a reduced risk of chronic disease. You can’t lose by keeping this resolution. Consider the big picture before abandoning your health aspirations.

Resolution #2: Learn something new.

Expanding your interests can lead to big payoffs down the road. Are you interested in graphic design? Sign up for an online class and start your own side business. Are you good with numbers? Learn more about investments and consider expanding your portfolio. Parlaying an interest into a money-making endeavor is credit repair gold. Cash in during your spare time.

Resolution #3: Find a better career.

Speaking of cashing in, 2014 could be the time to find a better, more lucrative career. You’re more likely to excel in a position you enjoy, so begin your career shift by writing down things you like about your current job vs. things you would change. Consider talking to your boss about your career path in the New Year or dusting off your resume to search for new opportunities. A better job equals better pay, work/life balance, debt reduction and a better credit score. Start the year off right by allowing your career to positively impact every area of your life.

Resolution #4: Get organized.

Organized people are usually stable, and stability is a critical part of good credit. Learning how to shop smart, manage your home, and build a budget are all vital parts of maintaining an organized life. Clear out the clutter in 2014 by establishing some long-term, tidy habits.

Resolution #5: Save more money.

Whether it’s emergency savings, retirement savings, or your kids’ college fund, life runs smoothly with more money. If you’re worried about your saving willpower in 2014, consider funneling a portion of your paycheck directly into an account that you cannot touch, e.g., a 401(k) plan, 529 college savings account or an interest-bearing CD. Whatever your strategy, the time for specifics is now. Decide how much you’d like to save next year and create a plan to make it happen.