Two Data Points You Should Guard with Your Life

In a world of bad things that happen to people, yes there are far more terrible things than identity theft right? Like a car accident or serious illness. Any number of things but when you’ve been hit by identity theft it sure doesn’t feel like much could be worse.

Imagine how invasive that is – if you’ve not been a victim of identity theft you can sort of put yourself in that mindset if you think about what would happen if someone just busted into your house, and they weren’t after your television you know, or your you know China from your wedding or something. They wanted something far more ephemeral and easily stolen like your social security number, your date of birth, your credit card numbers and so forth. Basically the keys to your financial kingdom.

In that regard, I want you to keep in mind two identity theft data points that are key to your well-being: your social security number and your data birth. A few years ago, a very famous company that does good work in the identity protection business – their CEO had so much faith in their product that they had a series advertisements were he put his social security out there. He says “Hey I’m Joe Jones – not his real name – and this is my social security number and I’m protected” If you read the news and you remember not even him he became the victim of tremendous identity.

And believe me if the CEO of an identity theft protection organization can become a victim then you and I can too.

It’s critical that you safeguard your personal information especially your social security number and your date of birth.