What You Want in a Credit Repair Program


Some people think credit repair is just about disputing things with the credit bureaus. And that’s what sort of some of the less ethical players in the field do. (they) Cycle disputes endlessly with the credit bureaus.

Sadly, that’s not getting at the source of the problem. The problem is your creditors choosing to violate your privacy one way or the other by talking about you – and as we said before you have the right to ask questions.

These are the kinds of letters that we see when we address the problem. Here’s one for Mansell the submission was sent to the following bureaus: Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian on this date. Revised. American Express. This is to respond to your account inquiry regarding your American Express credit history, et cetera. We’re pleased to advise you that we have requested the credit reporting agencies listed below to delete all information.

And when the creditors do this, they handle it with all three bureaus. And by the way, it doesn’t get re reported because the best credit repair is when the source of the problem, the people who are reporting the issues to the credit bureaus in the first place, when they handle it, it’s permanent. And that’s what you want in your credit repair program.