Lexington Law Redux: The Best Blogs of 2014

Lexington Law Redux- The Best Blogs of 2014

Happy New Year to our wonderful readers! If you’re excited to tackle 2015 with better credit, don’t forget to review our best blogs of 2014. Take this knowledge with you as you embark on a brand new year.

  1. Budgeting for Credit Repair: A Template for 2014. Our budgeting Excel sheet is free, dynamic and customizable, providing an easy way to track expenses and take control. Give credit repair the help it needs by organizing your finances.
  2. Top 5 Credit Score Myths. Understanding the rules is the first step to better credit. Allow us to debunk a few misconceptions along the way.
  3. Value and Savings: The Netflix Paradox. Netflix offers more than cheap entertainment. Their business model is a valuable tool on the road to long-term credit repair. Read about their struggles and successes to put yours into perspective.
  4. How to Survive Cold Temperatures (Without Breaking the Bank). The freeze is far from over, and it’s time to weatherproof your finances. Protect your bank account by learning efficient ways to heat your home, care for your car, avoid risky commutes, protect your animals and save on childcare.
  5. 24-Hour Credit Repair: How to Do It. So, you don’t have time for credit repair, eh? False! There are plenty of lifestyle changes you can make on a daily basis. Take the 24-hour challenge and watch what happens.
  6. Seven Things a Debt Collector Won’t Tell You. Collection accounts are often the worst part of credit repair, especially when you’re faced with harassing phone calls. Avoid making matters worse by learning about the business practices of debt collectors. What you discover will safeguard your score from new mistakes.
  7. 12-Month Money Challenge: Save $5,000 This Year. Saving money is vital when you’re aiming for financial stability, but it’s difficult to achieve without a plan. Use this article to create seasonal savings goals that will add up at year’s end. Don’t wait to take advantage of these tips.
  8. New Mortgage Regulations: What Will Change? In 2014, The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau imposed new regulations to help borrowers avoid loan default and foreclosure. Review the details if buying a home is on your 2015 to-do list.
  9. Ages 25 and Under: Five Things to Do Right Now. Wake up, newly-minted adults! You’re young, and now is the best time to get serious about your career, credit score, savings and retirement planning. Review the go-to list now. Don’t miss your window of opportunity.
  10. New Goals: 7 Credit Repair Challenges to Tackle. Whether it’s 2015 or 2025, goals are a vital part of any credit repair initiative. Start your year off right by reviewing these tried-and-true score boosters. Now is the perfect time for a fresh start.