Identity Theft – What to Watch Out for in 2019

identity theft in 2019

It seems like there’s a data breach every few weeks. These breaches can happen with governmental agencies, shopping centers, banks, and even social media platforms. Hackers and criminals will try anything to get your personal data.

In 2017, when Equifax was breached, around 145.5 million Americans were affected. More than half of the population of adults in the United States found that their sensitive personal data was compromised in this breach.

These data breaches have caused people to become more protective of their data. It may seem like companies can’t be trusted with your personal information anymore. That’s why it’s up to you to take certain precautions with your information.

What to Look Out for in 2019

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Experian has made five data breach predictions for 2019. It’s good to know about these so that you can protect your personal information as best as you can.

Biometric Hacking

Hackers are trying to close in on biometric hacking and expose the weaknesses of touch ID sensors, facial recognition, and passcodes. Biometric data is considered one of the most secure methods of authentication. However, it can be stolen or altered. Sensors can be manipulated or broken down with too much use.


Credit card skimming uses hidden devices that are designed to steal credit card information and passcodes when consumers swipe their cards. Previously, hackers targeted individual ATMs or gas pumps, but now they’re going after entire banking networks. They are trying to load malware into banks’ computer systems in an attempt to get consumers’ information.

Wireless Carrier Attacks

iPhones and Androids will be under attack in 2019. Hackers are trying to get personal information off millions of cellular devices. They will possibly disable all wireless communications in the United States. An attack like this will be similar to an attack on a critical infrastructure and could halt businesses, government, and more due to the lack of a wireless network.

Cloud Breach

According to Experian, cloud breach is a matter of when it will happen, not if. Lots of people use a storage cloud to save files and personal information. A cloud breach would mean that billions of pieces of data would be compromised affecting some of the world’s largest companies.


With online gaming communities growing, the threat of hackers posing as gamers to gain access to other players’ computers and personal data is a real issue. It’s easy for a hacker to pretend to be another online gamer and create a profile that seems legitimate. However, by doing this, cybercriminals are taking advantage of other people and stealing their credit card information. More people will fall victim to online identity theft for this reason.

Protecting Your Digital Identity

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How can you go about protecting yourself in 2019 from identity theft with these new predictions?

  • Don’t share personal information with strangers over the phone, via text messages, or email. Don’t send sensitive information like credit card numbers, passwords, and Social Security numbers.
  • Sign up for credit monitoring alerts so that you can be notified of your credit activity. This will help you know if someone is using your personal information to open new accounts.
  • Be cautious when using public Wi-Fi and when connected to an unsecured network- you should never access or transmit personal information.
  • Be aware of phishing emails cybercriminals send in an attempt to gain access to personal data.

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