Sarah Szczypinsk

Sarah Szczypinsk has nearly 10 years of professional writing experience. Although Sarah is particularly interested in issues surrounding consumer advocacy and personal finance, she began her career as an instructional designer, authoring interactive courses for major insurance and HR firms. She went on to write technical manuals for clients in the realms of government, education, finance, medicine, software, engineering, and industrial manufacturing. In 2009, Sarah founded Top Drawer Publications, a full-service writing consultancy. Her Chicago-based company has drawn clients on a national scale and continues to grow with each passing year. She is currently the managing writer of Lexington Law’s credit repair blog. Each week she covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Credit and budgeting
  • Debt and its effects
  • The value of savings
  • Life events, e.g., military leave, marriage, divorce, etc.
  • Consumer rights
  • Major purchases, e.g., homes, cars, education, etc.
  • Credit bureau information

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Sarah Szczypinsk’s Profile