How Do Credit Repair Services Work?

According to Experian, 20 percent of Americans are living with low credit scores. If you are one of the many, seeking qualified credit repair services should be at the top of your to-do list. However, while you know you need credit repair, you may still be wondering how the process works.

Credit repair can be a complex process. While average credit repair companies may promise a complete credit overhaul and claim supernatural abilities to erase every dark spot from your credit reports, such tactics are far from legal. If a credit repair company bases its strategy upon disputing negative items—especially accurate ones—then you have a problem. Lexington Law outshines the competition by having achieved great results while telling the truth.

Here’s how it works:

Several laws regulate those who report information about you to the credit bureaus. Our law firm then demands that the credit companies demonstrate their strict adherence to those applicable laws. If your creditors fail to do so, their credit reporting must be revised or removed. In that regard, information reported to the credit bureaus must not only be technically accurate but must be fair, relevant, and verifiable as well.

Bound by standards of ethical practice and attorney-client privilege, we respect and utilize applicable federal consumer laws to guide our actions and help protect our clients. As a result you can expect the credit repair services delivered with explicit integrity. Read on to learn more.

Step One: Choosing a Service Level

Our credit repair services are designed to fit your needs and your budget. Our service levels include:

  • Lexington Regular, which covers essential fact-checking credit repair services directed toward credit bureaus, including item verification, credit report disputes as applicable, and same-day consultations.
  • Concord Standard builds upon the Lexington Regular service, adding specialized legal interventions directed toward creditors who must be held to the fair and accurate standards exacted by relevant federal and state consumer protection statutes.
  • Concord Premier, our most popular and comprehensive level, offers everything available in the Concord Standard level as well as TransUnion Credit Monitoring, monthly credit score improvement analysis, ReportWatch™ credit report change alerts, InquiryAssist™ for confronting score-damaging credit report inquiries, and identity theft insurance.

Step Two: Research

Once you have chosen a service level, we help you begin by obtaining credit reports from the three major bureaus: TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. We analyze each credit report with you, highlighting those questionable items that could be damaging your credit reports. You will also use the online Case Valet intake interview to further personalize the process with options for adding what we call “Focus Tracks” for those with specific life problems at no extra cost. Lexington offers Focus Tracks for those whose credit has been impacted by Medical Debt, Student Loans, Identity Theft, Divorce, and Military Service. You select the items you wish to challenge, investigate, or dispute and provide us with additional information regarding each mark.

Step Three: Action

After logging your information into our system, we take the reins by submitting the appropriate challenge, dispute, or intervention letters to creditors and credit bureaus on your behalf, prompting them to investigate and demonstrate that your legal consumer rights have been honored. Once such processes are completed, you should forward to us any information or revisions that the creditors or credit bureaus have sent in response. Sometimes the bureaus contact us directly, in which case we will promptly outline for you any item deletions or improvements that have occurred. We’ll follow-up as necessary whenever it comes to that.

Step Four: Education

We believe that client education helps facilitate lifelong credit health. Our website is full of webinars and articles that delve into the many facets of credit repair. We offer these tools free of charge, regardless of whether you choose to work with us. Take a look at

Step Five: Results and Satisfaction

Our 20-year track record of satisfaction speaks for itself. Whatever your financial situation, Lexington Law can help you better understand your credit score and ways to improve it. Don’t waste your time with less-than-qualified credit repair companies.  Stick with the legal team at Lexington Law—contacting us may be your first step toward a better future.