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Our service offerings provide clients the knowledge and expertise to verify or challenge credit report items directly with individual creditors and all three national credit bureaus. The credit report repair process includes the following:

Case Setup. Once a client has enrolled in credit report repair services, paralegals at Lexington Law obtain copies of the client's credit reports and discuss the client's credit history, financial status, and other personal details. This information is used, together with our proprietary technology, to formulate an individualized plan of action that prioritizes applicable credit report items based on the estimated efficacy in improving the client's credit score.

Client Servicing. Clients can track their case and monitor results at any time through the Lexington Law website or mobile application. Clients are able to see the parties contacted on their behalf and can track outcomes on an item‑by‑item basis. This feedback gives clients an understanding of the credit improvement process and displays the results achieved through the actions of Lexington Law. Lexington Law lawyers and paralegals are available by phone, email, or website chat to provide additional credit report repair tips.

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