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Getting the facts straight about credit repair and the credit industry as a whole can be a daunting task. Misinformation about the topic abounds and too many people feel they are stuck in their current credit situation when there really are positive actions they can take. Learning becomes the first step towards improving your credit.

Credit Topics

Get more information about a wide assortment of credit-related topics. Learn answers to questions like “what is a bad credit score?” and “is it possible to fix my credit score?”. Explore the links to the right to find information on the listed topics.

Your Credit Rights

The law affords all Americans a number of credit rights that can be put to use in your efforts to make the most of your credit score. These rights provide the foundation for Lexington Law's credit correction services. Explore the links to the right for details about your credit rights.

Credit Repair Blog

News, information, and perspectives on credit reports, credit scoring, credit repair and other related topics provided by the staff, paralegals, and lawyers of Lexington Law.

Credit Basics Webinars

A collection of videos to help consumers understand the basics of how credit is used, how your credit reports are created and maintained, and how your credit score is calculated.

Credit Insider Articles

Penned by Dr. Randy Padawer, the credit insider articles provide insightful and invaluable perspective on the credit industry from one of the nation's premier credit repair experts.

Credit Revolution Book

Written by three heavy-hitters in the Credit Repair field, this book pulls back the curtain on the inner-workings of the credit reporting world and outlines what you can do to make it work for you.

Lexington Law Newsroom

Get the latest news and updates on Lexington Law including press releases, news articles, and media interviews with our attorneys.

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