Bankruptcy Removal and Credit Repair

Bankruptcy Removal and Credit Repair

Stated simply, bankruptcy is to the credit rating what the nuclear bomb is to war.

Is it possible to

Remove a Bankruptcy

from a credit report?

The numbers speak for themselves.

Last year, Lexington Law helped our clients

remove over 123,221 bankruptcies

from their credit reports.**

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A bankruptcy can have a devastating effect on your credit score. A bankruptcy listing on your credit reports is to many lenders the only thing they need to see to determine you are completely unworthy of credit.

The scary thing is that for a surprising number of Americans, the bankruptcy listed on their credit reports simply should not be there.

A bankruptcy may be your problem, but that doesn't always mean it's your fault.

Over 500,000 people declared bankruptcy last year. This amounts to more than half a million chances for a bankruptcy to mistakenly end up on your credit reports, and it is a mistake that is easy to make.

Think of how often you have dialed a wrong number. That's basically all that needs to happen for someone else's bankruptcy to end up on your credit reports. All it takes is for one person to transpose or mistype the numbers in a Social Security number for a bankruptcy to be added to the wrong credit reports.

However, this is not the only way a questionable bankruptcy could be on your credit reports. Other clerical errors, mistaken identities, identity theft, and legitimate bankruptcies that have already been reported for 10 years could all result in a bankruptcy showing up on your credit reports when it should not be there.
“You guys are doing a fantastic job, I have seen many items removed and deleted from my credit reports... You guys are like hound dogs, you are relentless. Just recently, after 10 short months, I have even seen a bankruptcy deleted from one of the credit companies”
- John, Lexington client*
(Your results will vary)

Lexington Law's results are proof that bankruptcies can be removed from credit reports.

Many people will tell you that it is impossible to remove a bankruptcy from your credit reports. The truth is that there is not one type of questionable negative listing that cannot be possibly disputed and removed.

Through effective credit bureau disputation and creditor interventions, Lexington Law helped clients in the removal of 123,221 bankruptcies from their credit reports in 2013.1

Of course, Lexington Law has also successfully helped its clients remove over 4.8 million other negative credit items so there is no need to stop at removing a bankruptcy from your credit reports. If other questionable negative items are affecting your credit score, Lexington Law can help you dispute those as well.

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The trusted leader in credit report repair since 1991

For over 20+ years, Lexington Law Firm has been the trusted provider of affordable, legal credit repair solutions for people across the country and from all walks of life. Our experience is unparalleled, our success unrivaled, and our commitment deeply rooted in the thousands of clients whom we have had the privilege of serving.
1 Lexington Law Firm has successfully challenged questionable bankruptcies on credit reports as well as items included in bankruptcy. However, because each case is different our past success cannot and does not guarantee a successful deletion of your bankruptcy.

Mistaken information regarding public records is often
found within consumer credit reports.

We have helped remove or improve over 4.8 million items** including:
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