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Credit scores are becoming increasingly more important, affecting everything from your ability to secure affordable mortgage or car loans to even your likelihood to be called in to interview for certain jobs. However, the alarming fact is that, according to a recent survey, nearly 80% of credit reports contain errors, and 25% contain errors serious enough to deny people access to credit, favorable loan rates, or even jobs. If you have erroneous negative information on your credit report, it is imperative that you work to clean your credit report of these questionable negative items and work to increase your credit score.

But what are your options? Do you have to wait seven years for these questionable negative items to be removed from your credit report? Not necessarily. In fact, you have a number of options at your disposal to clean your credit. You can work on your own to clean your credit 100% by yourself, you can purchase a kit you use to help clean your credit, you can buy credit cleaning software to ease the process, or you can enlist the services of a legitimate credit repair organization.

Pros and Cons with Each Credit Cleaning Option

An internet search will yield you a number of do-it-yourself options to clean your credit, which typically also increases your credit score. You can clean your credit on your own by first obtaining copies of your credit report from the major credit bureaus, then examining the reports, and then writing letters -- sometimes numerous times -- to the credit bureaus. Other do-it-yourself options include credit cleaning kits and software packages. The kits usually come in the form of a book or e-book. Both the kits and software packages walk you through the credit cleaning process step-by-step, usually providing you with template letters or forms for the different tactics used to clean your credit.

Another option is to work with a legitimate credit repair organization. These are the professionals, the experts, who help you through the process -- from obtaining, examining, and monitoring your credit reports to working with the credit bureaus to dispute the questionable negative items in your reports.

The do-it-yourself options require a lot of patience, determination, and perseverance. Cleaning your own credit can be a time consuming process. Using a legitimate credit repair organization does involve a fee, but it saves you the stress and aggravation of the process. Plus, you deal with experts who do this professionally -- you can have their knowledge and skills work to your advantage in cleaning your credit.

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