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The best answer to "how do I clean my credit?"

Spend a few minutes online searching for websites, perusing forums, and posting questions looking for an answer to the question of "how do I clean up my credit?" and you will find a wide variety of answers. Some people will say there is nothing you can do, others will point you towards do-it-yourself credit repair kits, and still others will claim to be able to make your credit troubles a thing of the past in exchange for a hefty fee. The more research you do, the more diverse and contradictory the answers become leaving you to wonder if anyone has an answer you can use.

For those looking for a simple answer to "how do I clean my credit?" this article is going to be yet another disappointment because the truth is there is no single best answer. Even though many of the websites, postings, and advertisements you run across when researching credit repair seem to offer mutually exclusive answers, the reality is that there is an element of truth in most of them.

You will run across people who will explain how to clean up your reports by sending dispute letters to the credit bureaus and many of the credit repair kits and software packages out there aim to make this process easier. Disputing negative credit is a solid answer and is the foundation of most credit repair efforts, but it is not always a complete answer. For some people, credit bureau disputes are all that is needed. Others will still have more work to do.

Credit bureau disputes are how consumers request that the credit bureaus verify the information on their credit reports is accurate. The credit bureaus are then tasked with contacting the creditors who reported the disputed listing to verify the listing is accurate. If the creditor does so, then the negative item will remain and your credit report will remain unchanged. Also, if the credit bureau considers your dispute to be "frivolous or irrelevant", they have the right to reject your request outright which will have the same effect.

So while credit bureau disputes may work for some, cleaning your credit reports requires more. When creditors continue reporting negative items that you feel may be inaccurate, untimely, misleading, incomplete, ambiguous, unverifiable, biased or unclear, you may end up having to address your concerns directly with the creditors themselves. This process can involve utilizing a number of different tactics ranging from polite requests to more aggressive debt validation requests. Some do-it-yourself kits and software programs provide tools to help you with this, but knowing when and how to use these types of tactics is something that is going to require education on your part.

When you consider all the variables in play and all the different tactics for legally cleaning negative information from your credit report, you can see how difficult it is to provide a concrete answer to the question posed above. Once you rule out the extremes like doing nothing and illegally creating a new credit identity, most things that are left may be of use in certain circumstances. Taking the time to learn how to repair your credit on your own and working through the process is an admirable undertaking with numerous benefits. Purchasing kits or software to assist you with the process can ease the process. Hiring a credit repair company to perform the work for you is a viable alternative providing you select a reputable organization. Because of their experience and knowledge, credit repair companies are frequently able to produce better results in less time than individuals working to repair their credit themselves.

Ultimately, the answer to "how do I clean my credit" is different for each person.

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