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Collections on Your Credit Report

Dealing with collections agencies is already difficult…credit reporting errors make it even worse.

Even if you have paid off your debts and done everything a collections agency has asked of you, your credit reports could still be labeling you in default.

Many inaccurate or misleading collection accounts unfairly lower thousands of people's credit scores. Either because of clerical errors, miscommunications, or even outright vengeful tactics by some collections agencies, collections accounts are among the most common errors on credit reports.

As if their calls weren't enough, look what they've done to my credit!

This same scenario has happened time and time again. A creditor claims you have an overdue debt and begins reporting you to the credit bureaus. They then sell your account to a collections agency who may begin doing the very same thing …and that is where the problems begin.

Maybe the creditor continues reporting to the credit bureaus or maybe you make an arrangement to pay off the creditor directly but the collections agency still hammers away at your credit reports.

Or even worse, maybe you never owed the debt in the first place and now either the creditor, the collections agency, or both are causing havoc on your credit score.

Lexington Law has helped thousands of people with collections problems.

Lexington Law has helped its clients see the removal of 10 million negative items on their credit reports including collection accounts in 2017.

Lexington Law has the experience to attack multiple aspects of your collections problems. Lexington Law's service levels are not limited to credit bureau disputes. Lexington Law will also contact creditors and the collection agencies on your behalf. Through goodwill negotiations and by leveraging your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), Lexington Law works to get collection agencies to stop reporting damaging information.

The trusted leader in credit report repair since 1991

For over 27 years, Lexington Law Firm has been the trusted provider of affordable, legal credit repair solutions for people across the country and from all walks of life. Our experience is unparalleled, our success unrivaled, and our commitment deeply rooted in the thousands of clients whom we have had the privilege of serving.

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