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How can Lexington Law Help with My Credit Repair?

Credit repair is a complex topic that spans beyond the initial "help me fix my credit" statement. With over 25 years of experience, Lexington Law has been helping consumers fix their credit with the kind of expertise only experience can deliver. Below are a few of the ways we put that experience to work.

Research is our first step when helping clients fix credit. We begin by asking you to forward your credit reports to us. We then log the information in our system and ask you to cite the negative items you wish to dispute. We take over by looking into these items and preparing dispute letters on your behalf.

Action is the next step. We submit letters on your behalf and in your name, to the credit bureaus and associated creditors, challenging the negative items you've indicated are inaccurate or unverifiable. The credit bureaus have 30 days to investigate and respond to each dispute. Afterward, you will receive the results and a copy of your updated report, usually within 60 days of the dispute letter's sent date. After making a copy, you will send the original to Lexington Law for review. Ideally, the credit bureaus' decision successfully removed negative items from your credit report and the repair cycle will begin again, working to continue to improve your credit score.

Education is a constant step we encourage our clients to take. When you say, "I want to fix my credit", we want to provide not only the support you need, but the tools to help you sustain your credit score. The Credit Education section of our website offers helpful credit-related webinars, articles, blog posts and more. We also post the latest Lexington Law news and a list of federal consumer credit laws that could help you fix credit.

If you are looking for a credit repair advocate with experience and a policy of open communication, consider Lexington Law as an option. Our expertise is the result of our experience, and our reputation of hard work and customer service speaks for itself.

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