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The credit repair industry can be a scary place. With the number of news articles, segments, and opinion pieces warning of fraudulent credit repair services that get published by well-regarded media outlets, it can appear as if the best option is to avoid credit repair companies altogether — something the news outlets seem to support.

There are numerous articles talking about how to avoid a credit repair scam. Most talk about warning signs such as companies that charge large upfront fees, advocate creating a new credit identity, don't keep you informed of your rights, and generally make misleading or untruthful statements. At this point, however, very few articles concede that there are credit repair services like Lexington Law who do not engage in the illegal or fraudulent practices that typify a credit repair scam. In fact, many articles from premier news agencies such as CNN conclude by advising people to "get legitimate help" from consumer credit counseling services.

Not only is this advice incomplete as it implies that there are no legitimate credit repair services, but it is also completely useless to people who truly could benefit from the assistance of a legal credit repair service. Credit counseling may be able to help people who are struggling to pay off their debts, but it will do nothing to repair your credit reports. Some credit counseling programs even have the potential to make your credit score worse.

Unlike credit counseling services that aim to help bring your finances under control, credit repair services are designed to help you increase your credit score. They are not mutually exclusive offerings and in many cases, a person who has used a credit counseling service to help manage their debts becomes a great candidate for credit repair.

Legal credit repair services like those provided by Lexington Law do have a purpose and it is a disservice to imply otherwise. Hopefully as consumers and news columnists alike become more familiar with credit repair and the services credit repair organizations provide, we'll start seeing a better balance between news stories warning of credit repair scams and news stories detailing qualities to look for in a good credit repair company.

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