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There are a lot of credit repair companies that try to convince you that they can repair your credit within a short period of time and that make guarantees about what they can remove off of your credit report. This can confuse you when you try to determine who is a legitimate credit repair company and which companies are credit repair scams. A company that uses illegal means such as file segregation could cost you a lot of money and can cause harm. Make sure that you educate yourself on what your rights are and what legitimate credit repair companies can do for you.

Without the FCRA, you did not have any legal support for fixing your credit reports. The Fair Credit Reporting Act was created because the FTC recognized that there was a need for people to be able to correct errors on their credit reports. Victims of identity theft and people with inaccurate items were in an unfortunate position because the credit bureaus sell your credit report information to businesses or individuals such as insurance companies, employers, landlords, and possible creditors.

It can be an embarrassing and disappointing experience to be denied a loan based on inaccurate information on your credit report. Disputing a negative item on your credit report is much like pleading "not guilty" to the credit bureaus. They are then required by law to investigate your dispute and determine if it can be proven that the item should be listed on your reports.

What credit repair scams may not tell you is that you can fix your credit legally by contacting the credit bureaus yourself. You also have the option to utilize the experience and knowledge of a legal credit repair company to assist you. Whichever method you choose, it is completely legal to fix errors on your credit report.

Disputing inaccurate and unverifiable information allows you the opportunity to take control of your credit reports and fix your credit score. Lexington Law can help you fix credit and we also offer tips on techniques for you to improve your credit score. If you are interested in working with Lexington Law, or learning more about our credit report repair services sign up today.

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