Lexington Law’s Directing Attorney Expresses Deep Gratitude For All United States Service Members While Responding to Reports on Credit Issues Devastating Military Consumers


Call made this Veterans Day for adequate safeguards to protect military credit ratings 

North Salt Lake, UT – November 11, 2015 – John Heath, directing attorney for Lexington Law Firm, a consumer advocacy law firm and trusted leader in credit report repair, today expressed his firm’s profound appreciation of all United States service members on this Veterans Day. Heath also responded to a call made by U.S. Senators this past week concerning identity theft and other issues plaguing military credit ratings.

According to the report from InvestmentNews, there is an active discussion amongst U.S. Senators, who stated in a letter to the Defense Department, “It is unreasonable to think that a country would send its men and women overseas to defend our national security without equipping these brave service members with the adequate safeguards to protect their finances and their credit.”

Heath agrees, stating, “We are the beneficiaries of the sacrifices made by our service men and women. Lexington Law has created a focus track designed specifically for our military and their families to educate and help alleviate credit reporting issues.” Heath continued, “Credit concerns, particularly those created by identity theft, are especially tragic for those who sacrifice so much for us back home.”

Thieves continue to take advantage of service members on deployment using their identity and credit to open accounts with the intention of never paying them back. A 2014 Federal Trade Commission study found that military consumers reported falling victim to identity theft twice the rate of the general population.

Heath recommends that service members anticipating deployment greater than 90-days place an Active Duty Alert on their credit reports. The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) created this alert as an identity theft measure for military members. Once engaged, the alert will remain active for one year. Heath also encourages service members to actively monitor credit reports, checking specifically for unknown accounts or charges.

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