Lexington Law® Launches New Credit Education Tools and Information

Videos, audio programs, and insider articles all serving to help consumers better understand their credit.

June 9, 2009 | Salt Lake City, UT | (PR Newswire) Lexington Law, the nation’s leading provider of consumer credit correction services, has launched a new Credit Education resource for American consumers providing valuable information people can use to learn more about how the consumer credit system works and how they can work to make the most of their credit rating. 

Credit reporting and scoring is one of the key components of modern consumer financing, however, many consumers have an incomplete or flawed understanding of how these processes work. Given the impact a person’s credit score can have on their purchasing power, insurability, and employment, Lexington Law feels it is imperative for consumers to have access to accurate and easily understood information about credit, credit reporting, and credit repair.

To this end, Lexington Law has provided expertly crafted videos and articles, the 151 page Credit Revolution book, excerpts from media interviews with Lexington Law attorneys, and more.

“While crucially important, credit is not one of those topics that gets covered in schools to any degree and is not something most people take the time to learn on their own, ” said Lexington Law Directing Attorney John Heath. “But when the need arises, we have created an interesting and relevant resource people can use to get honest information they’ll be able to use.”

As consumers take time to learn more about their credit, many are finding their credit rating is not an accurate representation of their creditworthiness. Additional research reveals their rights to address this issue either on their own or with the help of a legitimate credit correction firm like Lexington Law.

“At Lexington, we have found that those clients who have a better understanding of how credit works and their rights with regard to repairing their credit end up having more success and getting more value out of our services,” said Heath. “Information is empowering and in the case of credit, good information gives individuals ammunition in the fight for fair credit.”

About Lexington Law

Lexington Law is a consumer advocacy law firm with 21 years of experience helping over 1/2 million Americans work to improve their credit. The firm empowers credit success through effective services which leverage consumer rights to legally resolve issues with credit bureaus as well as creditors, assuring that clients’ credit reports are a fair and accurate representation of their true creditworthiness. For details about Lexington Law’s services, attorneys, or statistics visit: www.lexingtonlaw.com.

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