Lexington Law® offers their leading credit report repair service from their new 50,000 sq. ft. campus in North Salt Lake

May 27, 2008 | North Salt Lake, UT | (PRWEB) Helping clients legally take control of their credit since the early 1990’s, Lexington Law has grown into the nation’s largest consumer advocacy law firm. Based in Utah with affiliate offices across the country, Lexington Law has established itself as the premier provider of credit report error correction services. To accommodate for this explosive growth, Lexington Law has relocated from their previous offices in downtown Salt Lake City to a newly completed 50,000 square foot campus in North Salt Lake, Utah.

Lexington Law provides clients with affordable credit report repair/credit correction services that have been designed to help them work towards a fair and accurate credit score. As has been documented by the U.S. PIRG and argued by numerous credit experts, the current credit scoring systems used by the majority of lenders contain errors and behavior prediction


shortcomings that result in millions of consumers being saddled with unfair credit scores. These lower credit scores are then used as justification for charging excessive interest rates or denying credit to individuals whose true credit worthiness is not being properly represented.

Since the firm began offering services to the public, Lexington Law has helped thousands of people in this situation take advantage of their rights to an accurate credit score through the use of proven dispute methodologies, information requests, debt validation requests, and other credit report repair and correction tactics.

“From its beginning, Lexington Law has worked hard to empower its clients to take charge of their credit problems.” said John Heath, Directing Attorney for Lexington Law. “There are far too many people in this country suffering from poor credit scores because of flaws and serious inaccuracies in the credit reporting system. We have worked hard to help these people take advantage of their legal right to dispute the questionable items found in their credit reports.”

With the goal of accomplishing this task, Lexington Law was founded in 1991 and expanded to the online marketplace in 1998. During that time, Lexington Law has maintained its position at the head of the credit report repair/credit correction industry because of Lexington’s unparalleled experience, robust technological platforms, and keen attention to strict regulatory compliance.

“I have witnessed firsthand the effects bad credit can have” said Heath, “and I find it very gratifying when we are able to show people a way to better their situation. Over the years, we have helped our clients remove over 3 million questionable negative items from their credit reports and with our recent move; we are poised to add to this total at a faster pace than ever before.”

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