Looking for a free credit repair letter?Wouldn’t you rather find
a real credit repair solution?

It is easy to find sample credit repair letters online. Even the FTC
has a free credit bureau dispute letter you can use. The problem
is that for most people, repairing your credit is rarely as easy as
sending a few letters.

Despite what you may have heard, repairing your credit is rarely easy.

In fact, according to a survey of over 2,000
Lexington Law clients, almost 40% had attempted to
repair their credit on their own before enrolling with us.

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Suppose you use a dispute letter you found online. You add your information to the letter, mail it to one of the credit bureaus, and wait. 45 days later you get a response from the bureau saying that your request has been deemed "frivolous or irrelevant".

The credit bureau has refused to
investigate your dispute. Now what?

At this point you will have to face the harsh reality of credit repair. The free credit repair letter you found online is just the tip of the iceberg.
If after receiving your first returned letter you want to continue working to repair your credit yourself you may need to find sample letters for a wide variety of situations.

Credit Bureau dispute letters are a start, but you may also need letters for:
  • Replying to credit bureau rejections
  • Requesting listing changes directly with creditors
  • Debt validation requests
  • Escalated information requests
  • And more depending on your unique situation
On top of all that, you’ll also need to take time to learn the situations where each of these letters apply, the optimal letter sending schedule, and things you should avoid to prevent your efforts from backfiring.
“Our only complaint is that we didn’t know about you guys earlier, we tried clearing up our credit reports for years and to no avail. you all are doing a remarkable job. we were even blessed with our first home in august of last year. keep up the good work!”

— La Donna, Lexington client*
(Your results will vary)

Items removed last year: 1,297,226**

Credit repair is hard,
getting help with your credit isn’t

Here at Lexington Law, we have spent the past 20+ years creating a credit repair solution that has been successful in helping our clients remove millions of questionable negative items from their credit reports including late payments, collections, charge offs, and even bankruptcies.

Instead of wasting your valuable time experimenting with free letters, credit repair software, or do it yourself kits, sign up with Lexington Law today or call 1-888-596-4997 to receive a free credit consultation.

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