4 Credit Tips For Foreign Travel

If you are planning to travel to a foreign country, you may find yourself using your credit card for a majority of your purchases. Taking a trip abroad during the holidays can be a great excursion, but things can turn from fun to scary quickly if you do not pay close attention to how you use your credit card. By following these credit tips you will be able to have a safer trip:

Inform your creditor about your trip
Before you even begin to pack, call up your credit provider and let them know about your travel plans. Not alerting your credit provider can result in your purchases getting declined Creditors are always on alert for suspicious activity, so seeing a purchase originating in a foreign country may raise a few eyebrows.

Credit over debit
While touring foreign countries, be sure to use your credit card opposed to your debit card for purchases. If your card has been stolen, you may be in a better situation if you were using a credit card. Using a debit card is fine, but you may want to leave it in a safe place. When you make a purchase with your debit card, the funds are immediately taken out and it will be difficult to dispute these charges with your bank. Charges for a credit card will be easier to dispute if your card was misplaced and someone has illegally made purchases on it. Converting your money to foreign currency or getting traveler checks are also options, but using a credit card may be a quicker way to purchase things.

Expensive fees
While you are seeing the sights, watch out for foreign transaction fees. Though they are often just a small percentage of your purchase, they can add up over the course of your trip. Every credit provider is different, so be sure to check your card's fees before any major purchases.

Travel rewards
Once you have taken all of the proper precautions, you may find that using your credit card abroad can benefit you. Talk with your provider to see if any of your credit cards offer any type of travel related rewards. These rewards could help you pay for your trip or can be stored away for future use.