Maryland Senate to vote on job fairness bill

An increasing number of companies are conducting credit checks during the hiring process as a way to whittle down their applicant pools. Many of these businesses think that job seekers who have bad credit may not be as responsible in the workplace as those with strong credit scores.

As a result, the Maryland legislature is considering a bill that would stop employers from issuing unnecessary credit checks. Reports have yet to find a clear correlation between poor credit and successful job performance, which is why many proponents of the bill feel employers are unfairly denying qualified applicants for positions.

With the economy continuing to struggle, many Maryland residents find themselves unemployed and with a damaged credit score. However, some of these individuals may be able to improve their chances of landing a job by contacting a credit repair company.

Consumers with a poor credit score may find their three-digit number is suffering because of a questionable item on their credit report. Working with a credit repair attorney can help these individuals investigate and dispute a mistake on their reports. Successfully disputing an errant item may help job seekers achieve the clean credit status they need to become a more attractive applicant.