Massachusetts insurance agents look to ban use of credit scores in insurance

The Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents is moving forward with a proposed bill that would ban the use of credit scores in setting auto insurance rates.

The group is currently looking to gather enough signatures to make the proposal a ballot question next year, while also trying to get a bill approved in the state legislature, Insurance Journal reports.

While the state already has one of the strictest policies regarding credit score use in the country, the group wants the law to mandate that policy remains in place.

A few other states also ban the use of credit scores in some situations, and many have adopted a law based on a model created by the National Conference of Insurance Legislators, which requires that insurance companies tell consumers if their credit score was a factor in them getting a less desirable rate.

However, that practice is not universal. Consumers should review their credit report for unfair marks that may be raising their insurance rates. Insurers add that credit scores are an accurate predictor of insurance claims, and that many people actually qualify for lower rates than usual because of their positive scores.