175 cases of credit card fraud linked to California gas station

Investigators say 175 Sierra Madre, California, residents who made purchases at the same local gas station have become fraud victims, according to The Los Angeles Times.

California police say most of the residents involved have recently used their credit card at EVG Quality Gas. The first victim reported credit card fraud to police on December 27, soon after she used her credit card at EVG, reported the news source.

Officers then received more than 175 identity theft complaints that were connected to the gas station. Together, the victims lost more than $49,000. The most money a victim lost in one transaction was $3,782, the source reported.

Police officials have served a search warrant and began interviewing people as part of their investigation.

Victims of identity theft are often left with damaged credit reports, as criminals will purchase goods and rack up charges under victims' names. When this happens, consumers can contact a credit repair company to help them dispute these black marks from their credit report.