Americans settling for low-paying jobs

A number of U.S. workers have lost their jobs during the last few years and have had to take a major pay cut to find new employment, according to the Huffington Post.

One consumer, who had 30 years of work experience and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon, was laid off and endured two years of unemployment before she found a new job. As a classroom tutor, the individual says she makes about a sixth of the salary she earned at her previous place of employment, the news source reports.

Many individuals find themselves in similar situations, working a number of part-time jobs to keep themselves afloat and their credit in order. Some of these people will not only see their years of experience become unhelpful, but may also see their decades of positive credit history suddenly become tarnished – and not as a result of poor credit behavior.

A number of credit reports contain a mistake or problematic item resulting from unverifiable or inaccurate reporting from a credit company. As a result of these unfair and perhaps even erroneous marks, some consumers may see their credit scores fall. However, working with a credit repair attorney may be what it takes for these individuals to get their credit back to where it belongs. A credit lawyer has the unique capability of holding credit companies accountable for practicing fair and accurate credit reporting.