Army Sergeant awarded $21 million after unfair credit mark

Georgia resident, David Brash, was recently awarded more than $21 million by a federal jury as a result of a major credit reporting error committed by PHH Mortgage.

The mortgage servicer was found to have unfairly and incorrectly reported Brash as "severely delinquent" to credit scoring companies, effectively lowering his credit score and causing him to endure bad credit. Brash, who is a U.S. Army sergeant, did not deserve the mark because he had paid his monthly mortgage bills on time thanks to an automated bill-paying system, the Huffington Post reports.

Brash tried to handle the situation on his own by sending dispute letters to the mortgage company; however, PHH did not respond, which is in direct violation of federal laws. According to the report, during attempts to reach the servicer by phone, his calls were redirected to a customer service representative working overseas who did not have sufficient information regarding Brash's case.

Many consumers may find themselves in a similar situation, and may not have much luck getting an unfair item removed from their credit reports. A number of individuals may choose to work with a credit repair service to help them during this process. A credit lawyer may have the experience and professional know-how to hold credit companies accountable for following federal legislation.