Bank of America makes possible mistakes and lowers consumers’ credit scores

A Nevada resident's credit score was recently lowered when he asked his bank to tell him who owned his mortgage, according to the Huffington Post.

The bank declined to tell him him at first, but then sent him a form, alerting him to who had invested in his mortgage. However, this surprisingly lowered his credit score, the report said.

"I just asked to see my note, and they dinged my credit score," Marks told the Huffington Post. "My insurance premiums have already gone up."

Consumers have the right to challenge mistakes on their credit report, which Marks is currently doing, according to the news provider. One possible reason for the mistake could have been Bank of America attempting to intimidate Marks in response to his query – an illegal action under the Truth in Lending Act, reported the source.

A bank spokesman told the news provider that the error may have occurred because the bank misunderstood Marks' intentions.

However, if a similar situation happens to you, you have the right to dispute the claim in order to fix your credit score. Visiting a credit repair company can provide you with the legal assistance and knowledge to defend yourself.